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Tattooed Hand, stylistic element
Tattooed Hand, stylistic element

Private Tattoo Studio

Saskatoon, SK

Tattooed Hand, stylistic element
Tattooed Hand, stylistic element
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About the artist

Jackie is the creative behind Strive Artistry. A graduate from the University of Ottawa, Jackie holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. She is a great admirer of art and has spent her entire life being creative. Her 9-5 is spent at The Guild Studios, where she is the Community Manager and all around Jackie-of-all-trades. Inspired by her mentor and badass boss, Kara Firman, Jackie has recently decided to take her creativity and turn it into a career. You can find her working part-time as a newbie tattoo artist out of a private studio located inside The Guild Studios.

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About the studio

Strive Artistry is a private tattoo studio in downtown Saskatoon.

We are 2SLGBTQQIA+ friendly; all are welcome!

Located inside the Financial Building at 230 22nd street East, on the 3rd floor. The studio operates out of The Guild Studios, a collective of various micro businesses in the beauty and wellness industry. 

Our studio is:

  • certified in Bloodborne Pathogens

  • compliant with all Saskatchewan Health Authority regulations (inspection Nov. 2023)

  • wheelchair accessible 

  • female operated

  • 2SLGBTQQIA+ friendly

We accept in-studio payments by:

in-studio payments methods: Square, Interac, Interac E-transfer, Visa, Mastercard
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Eco Tattooing

For the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved, the tattoo industry uses a lot of single use disposable supplies to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of bloodborne infections. 

That's why at Strive Artistry we've taken the necessary steps to reduce our carbon footprint by choosing environmentally responsible supplies from Canadian brand Good Judy. We are on a mission to phase out our use of plastic single use supplies, and replace them with green alternatives wherever we can. 

Have a question for us? We would love to hear from you.

About the artist

By appointment only

Services are offered by appointment only. To request an appointment please click the following button. 

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How to book

To request an appointment you will need to fill out the booking request form. Make sure to complete all fields and to provide the correct contact information. Please allow our team at least 48 hours to review your request before following up with us.

Please note not all requests will lead to an appointment. Projects are chosen based on the artist's subject preference and whether or not they believe they have the necessary skill or knowledge to provide you with the best service and final piece. In addition, appointments will be booked based on artists' availability.  

Click the following button to fill out the Touch Up Request Form.

Ready for a touch up?

How to book

Studio Policies

  • Clients must be 18 years of age or older. No minors are permitted in the studio. Please leave the kids at home.

  • Be kind. Any disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated; you will be asked to leave. Deposits are non-refundable. 

  • This is a safe space, and we will make every effort to ensure you are comfortable. Should you for any reason feel uncomfortable, please let us know. We pride ourselves on being open and accommodating; if it’s in our power to do so, we will do it! 

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  • Once a booking date & time is selected, a deposit will be required to secure the appointment. 

  • If the deposit is not received within 24 hours, the appointment time will be released and available to others. 

  • The deposit will be applied towards the final cost of the tattoo (last appointment). 

  • The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

  • The deposit is for the scheduled appointment only and the proposed tattoo only. 

  • The deposit must be used within 6 months of the originally scheduled appointment.

  • For custom pieces, work will not begin on the proposed piece until the deposit is paid.

  • If the concept of the proposed piece requires major changes or a complete redo/change of concept, a new deposit may be required and the scheduled appointment may need to be rescheduled to allow for more time on the proposed piece.  

Cancelling & Rescheduling

  • A minimum of 72 hours notice must be given by email prior to the appointment start for all cancellations and/or rescheduling requests.

  • Failure to notify the artist prior to 72 hours before the scheduled appointment will result in the deposit being forfeited. 

  • When proper notice is given, the appointment can be rescheduled up to 2 times before the deposit is forfeited. If rescheduled, the new appointment will be based on the artist’s availability, you will not receive priority booking.

  • If the deposit is forfeited due to any of the above listed reasons, a new deposit must be paid before a new appointment can be scheduled. 

No Shows

  • Failure to show up to your appointment will result in your deposit being forfeited and you being blacklisted.

  • To book a new appointment, the full price of the tattoo must be paid upfront before a new appointment can be scheduled. 

Time is valuable, please don't waste it

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Touch Ups

  • One complimentary touch up session will be available to you for tattoos done in the studio, if required. 

  • To receive the complimentary touch up session, the session must be booked within 6 months of the original appointment. Outside of this time frame, sessions will require clients to pay for  the artist’s set up and supplies for the session (flat rate - price varies by artist). 

  • Only one touch up session will be complimentary, any additional sessions will require clients to pay for the artist’s set up and supplies for the session (flat rate - price varies by artist). 

  • Touch ups may be done during a session on a new tattoo; only by request and at the discretion of the individual artist (additional fees may apply).

  • A refundable deposit may be requested to secure the appointment (flat rate - price varies by artist).

  • All aforementioned shop policies apply to this appointment.

  • Contact your artist via email to book a touch up appointment.

Studio Policies

Aftercare Instructions

Always wash your hands before going anywhere near the tattoo.

Immediate Care

  • Remove the dressing 4-6 hours after your tattoo or leave overnight and remove in the morning. 

  • Immediately after removal, gently wash the tattoo with warm water and an anti-bacterial, fragrance free soap. 

  • Only use your fingertips and hand to wash the area, do not use a washcloth

  • Take care to remove all traces of blood and organic matter

  • Pat or dab (do not rub) the tattoo with a single-use, clean piece of paper towel or allow to completely air dry. Do not use a towel to dry the area until it is completely healed (2-4 weeks).

  • Once the area is completely dry, apply a thin layer of a fragrance-free lotion to the area. Do not apply more than is necessary for a thin layer. Avoid using ointments like Vaseline and A&D in the early stages of healing; ointment can suffocate pores, making it hard for your skin to breath. All wounds need to breathe if they are to heal properly. Use fragrance-free lotion options like Lubriderm or, our favourite, Cetaphil

Repeat washing daily, apply lotion whenever the tattoo feels dry (for at least 7 days). As the tattoo heals, it will peel like a sunburn; this is normal. 

Daily Care

  • Always wash your hands with liquid soap and warm water prior to touching your tattoo.

  • Always keep your tattoo clean! Protect it from general dirt, grease, chemicals and fingers. Our hands and the hands of our friends, family, partners, and children are all equally filthy. If the tattoo becomes soiled, wash it with soap and warm water and air dry it. Keeping it clean will aid in avoiding a potential infection.

  • Do not expose the tattoo to sunlight for at least 4 weeks. Do not use sunscreen during the healing process; keep it out of the sun! Once the tattoo is completely healed, it is recommended to always apply sunblock to your tattoos whenever they are exposed to the sun. 

  • Do not use tanning beds for at least 4 weeks

  • Do not soak in water (avoid bathing for 2 weeks; avoid pools, hot tubs, rivers, lakes, and the ocean for at least 4 weeks).

  • Do not allow shampoo or rinse/conditioner to come into contact with your tattoo.

  • Profuse sweating has the same effect on new tattoos as soaking in water. If you work out (especially cardiovascular or aerobic), take some time off.

  • Wear loose clothing that can allow your healing tattoo to breathe

  • Do not pick or scratch new tattoos; peeling and scabbing is a very normal part of the tattoo healing process. Scabbing and peeling skin will typically be the same colour as the pigment used. If you pick or scratch your scab, you risk pulling out the colour or cause scarring. Just don’t touch it, okay? :)

Signs of infection

If you observe any of the following signs, please contact a doctor immediately;​

  • Swelling and redness that increases around the tattoo

  • A severe burning or throbbing sensation around the tattoo

  • Increased tenderness and increasingly painful to touch 

  • An unusual discharge (yellow or green) with an offensive smell

  • A fever

Symptoms may develop a few days to a week after the procedure. The normal clear or clear-yellow fluid that drains from a tattoo site may change to creamy yellow, brown, or red or look or smell like puss. If you experience any of these symptoms, please contact a doctor immediately.

Take care of your tattoo, it's an investment that lasts a lifetime.

Aftercare Instructions

Available designs

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Design Process For Flash: no major changes may be made to the design, minor changes may be requested in advance and subject to artist approval.

If major changes are requested and approved by the artist, the piece may be subject to custom pricing. Examples: adding colour to a non-coloured piece, adding/altering/removing a design element, etc.  

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Available Designs
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